Social Networks Maintenance

The best way to have positive content on social media

SOCIAL NETWORKS (Creation and Maintenance)
Social networks are fundamental for the creation and repair of online reputation. Presence is obtained through them, and is also a way of being connected and interacting with customers and users all the time.
One of our specialties is the creation and maintenance of profiles appropriate to each customer in main social networks, which include relevant and interactive content, which is carefully studied to improve your online presence.

Your Facebook page will showcase the best you have to offer. Likewise, instant communication via Twitter allows you to be with your followers as well as to show them your news through Instagram and Pinterest.

Today social networks are the best means of communication with all the world. Statistics indicates that customers are more interested and improve communication with companies that are reached by means of a social network by more than 60%.

  • Reach the people you are interested.
  • Establish direct communication with them.
  • Get immediately results.

Social Networks Maintenance Prices

One Time Setup Fee $150

Weekly Posts & Story
$350,00 US
Weekly Posts & Story
$500,00 US
Weekly Posts & Story
$650,00 US


Weekly Posts & Story
$800,00 US
Daily Post & Weekly Story
$1000,00 US
Daily Post & Weekly Story
$1500,00 US
Daily Post & Weekly Story
$1800,00 US
Dedicated Social Media

Manager 8hrs / day

$2500,00 US
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