Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in Online Reputation Management even when I need to reduce expenses?

Finding a positive link about you in the most powerful search engine in the world eases business results with a reduced investment. Remember that in this increasingly virtual world, the perception or generalized idea that users make about our brand, company or business, is made according the experiences and information available on the network.

What´s the difference between digital identity and Online Reputation?

The digital identity refers to the elements that give life to a brand, such as the company logo or the typography used in corporate texts. Online reputation takes that digital identity and positively influences the perception of people.

What does OppsCorp offer in the management of my online reputation to make it suitable?

At OppsCorp we offer three plans, regardless of the service you hire:

Emergency plan: Any project must have a backup plan on which to act in case of receiving attacks that could cause a crisis. Awareness and prevention are the first things to correct brand image management on the Internet. Never take anything for granted and raise different possible scenarios.

Content plan for social media: Starting from the creation of current content in different formats, such as free blogs or focused articles that respond to the most common queries.

Digital customer service: In this area we can talk because we have the experience, and there is no one better than you to know what´s the treatment your customers expect both physically and digitally. It´s highly recommended to take full advantage of social networks and be aware of the needs of your customers.

How do we track your reputation online?

We do an organic search of how your company or professional profile it´s perceived in Google or any other search engine. We use different tools to know which ones are the contents that have been better positioned. In case they don´t exist, we create them. A good technique is to analyze the comments generated around those contents that obtain a greater volume of monthly traffic and finally we monitor constantly those contents.

Why we are the best option?

We have a team of professionals specialized in Online Reputation Management. It´s important that it be comprehensive and not only focus on one service (e.g. social networks). At OppsCorp we offer not only the online monitoring service, but also the generation of content and the management of results in search engines. In this way we will always have control over the message we are trying to deliver.