Success Story: Reputation Management

“I choose my friends for their good looks, my acquaintances for their good reputation and my enemies for their intelligence.” Oscar Wilde

In a competitive business climate, everyday reality is what we understand. We know that many companies work actively to create and communicate a positive image to their clients, shareholders, financial community or general public.

Our experience has also allowed us to know that a company that mismanages or ignores its image, is prone to face a series of problems. Many of which can trigger the total loss of your credibility and, what is a company without it?

In companies of all sizes, it is vital that managers recognize the importance of creating and maintaining a strong image and make their employees aware of it. The term “to wear the shirt” starts at home, and with a strategy that begins in the bowels of the company, is when you see the hand of OppsCorp in the process.

A factor that stimulates the current interest in corporate image is the growing expectation of being socially responsible that people claim from companies. OppsCorp oversaw the development not only of the image, but also of the web design of many companies in different sectors.

In these works, we show the client the importance of the growing expectation of being socially responsible that people ask of companies. At present, many consumers consider the environmental and social image in their acquisitive decisions, for that reason, we highlight the work of our clients in favor of the environment, of social responsibility with people, we made them more human and their perception with the people were improved.